ASP.NET 4.0 Features

Feb 8 2009 12:53 AM
NET Framework 4.0 y Visual Studio .NET 2010
- Multiples versiones del .NET Framework en VS10 (2.0, 3.5, 4.0)
- .NET Framework 4.0 será compatible completamente con el .NET FX 3.5
- Out of band releases (eg Dynamic Data) roll-up into Fx 4.0
- Mejor plataforma para estándares de desarrollo Web
- Soporte a modelos de desarrollo basado en patrones (MVC, TDD)
- Mejoras significativas en el Core de ASP.NET (Webforms, Core infrastructure, MVC, Data and Dynamic Data, AJAX)
Web Forms
- Client IDs (more control)
- CSS(Remove the need for CSS adapters, Defer to CSS styles & bypass style properties, Support non-table-based HTML rendering)
- URL Routing (Friendly URLs, Config model for URL routing)
- Viewstate( Disable on page & enable on certain controls, Disable on control & enable on children, GridView / ListView work better without Viewstate)
- ASP.NET Dynamic Data

- Continúa la innovación en ASP.NET AJAX
- Appeal to JS devs
- Provide support for the page developer
- Intellisense incluido en jQuery
- Templates & Databinding
- AJAX Control Toolkit forma parte de ASP.NET
- Centralised script libraries y break-up for better performance

- More tooling support coming - perhaps some scaffolding like capabilities (create pages for you when you point at an object)
- Async controllers
- Sub-controllers & views
- Declarative controls + form validation

ASP.NET Dynamic Data
- Dynamic Data and MVC(Scaffolding, templates and data-validation)
- Support for abstract data-layer
- Allows scaffolding of objects
- Support for many to many relationships
- Enhanced filtering
- Enhanced metadata(Control over column ordering and filtering)
- New field templates
- DataSource controls (Linq, Entity & Custom Object) enhanced with WhereExpression, SearchExpression, RangeExplression making it easy to create custom filtering
- Dynamic Data over ADO.NET Data Services - just point Dynamic Data at a Data

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