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ASP.NET MVC-Update existing and save new record excel upload

Dec 19 2017 3:37 AM
How do I update exiisting record using COUNTRY_CODE as the unique identifier and Save new record in excel batch upload using ASP.NET MVC.
I have this Model Class
public COUNTRIES()
public int COUNTRY_ID { get; set; }
public string COUNTRY_CODE { get; set; }
public string COUNTRY_NAME { get; set; }
See my excel sample
I want to perform batch upload of data from Excel with all the fields above and save into the database. I want the code to use the field COUNTRY_CODE as the UniqueIdentifier.
It will iterate through the Excel Sheet to check if COUNTRY_CODE exists in the database.
  1. The application will save the one that are not in existence using COUNTRY_CODE
  2. It will show the user the list of COUNTRY_CODE that exists in the database.
  3. it will update the record where the uniqueidentifier exists.
  4. The user will be able to select the ones he wants to update from the last.

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