What is the best approach for ASP .NET web appliation development

Oct 13 2021 7:16 AM

Hi There,

After 12 years break , I am trying to develop a web application using ASP .NET C#.  Downloaded Visual Studio 2019 community version and started brusing up my skills. However, I am very much confused with the terms MVC, Razor and Blazor.

I read many articles in this regard and understood that Blazor is the framwork to implement client & server applications using C#. 

However, still I am confused about when & where to use these. Also, for a medium sized web application which one is the best approcah.

Also, please note that I am trying to develop  a sample web application to manage course information which needs to store, retrevie and iterate through hundreds of infomration related to each course. 

Can anyone help me in this please?

Best Regards,


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