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ASP.NET / Web Services Expert to Interface with Payment Gateway

Jun 6 2011 11:28 PM
We're an IT firm actively looking for a C# expert who has strong sense of web services to develop a backend system that interfaces with a payment gateway. This position is contractual basis and pays well.

The project will consist of the following responsibilities:
  • Develop AJAX enabled search for state entities
  • Design responsive and intuitive user interfaces for the web using XHTML/CSS and both custom AJAX scripts as well as MS AJAX for ASP.Net library.
  • Be involved in Analysis, Architect, Design, Development, Implementation of System
  • Create workflow architecture serving users/terminals and processing high value transactions per month
  • Pioneer the development of a breakthrough in workflow architecture replacing the old COM based system
  • Developed test coverage and unit test cases using NUnit and NCover
  • Interacted with creative director to have all changes needed in user interface
  • Configure VeriFone terminals V-3740 and V-510
  • Develop reports using Crystal Reports 10.0
  • Develop customized content management system using C#, ASP.Net and SQL Server 2008
  • Develop payment over phone with Microsoft Tellme (IVR)
  • Write Test harness and execute load testing in order to test performance of application
  • Contribute to the adoption of Adobe Flex for the front-end 
  • Be involve in developing Win Forms using Visual Studio 2008 
  • Fully utilize the WPF Libraries with Ribbon Control for Rich User Interface
  • Develop WebPages using C# and ASP.Net and perform unit-testing and debugging of Web applications which run on various Web Browsers (e.g. IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera...).
  • Develop documentation and procedures for support, installation and maintenance of existing Web application
  • Interact with the quality assurance, customer support and operations technicians to troubleshoot all application level issues 
  • Provid on-call support for critical systems, remotely diagnose problems with data center support group 
  • Have experience in developing and running test scripts with Mercury Test Suite and Load Runner
  • Provide security direction for web projects
  • Develop web auditing/remediation team to address web security vulnerabilities
  • Serve as architect for web services security
  • Develop database security strategy
  • Design and develop Split Transaction Settlement engine using Windows Services in C#

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