Button click call other javascript function in sharepoint

Aug 6 2015 8:20 AM

In my sharepoint article page im using noteboard comments webpart .In this webpart user can enter the comments they will click the POST button.

in this post button below sharepoint default code is running."

if (!ctl00_ctl51_g_1610400d_2df5_404b_a505_4734864683f9_ctl00scManager.CheckPostComment()) return false; WebForm_DoCallback('ctl00$ctl51$g_1610400d_2df5_404b_a505_4734864683f9$ctl00',ctl00_ctl51_g_1610400d_2df5_404b_a505_4734864683f9_ctl00scManager.StartPostingRequest(),EndPostingRequest,ctl00_ctl51_g_1610400d_2df5_404b_a505_4734864683f9_ctl00scManager,EndWithErrorResult,true); return false;"

but in my requirement i need to call the another jquery/javascript funtion.can anyone help on this how to call post button click another function also initaite.it like parrel process.

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