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C# app failing - "could not find app.vshost.exe.config"

Apr 24 2013 9:42 AM
Hi.  I have a weird problem.  My program worked fine for a long time.  I just recently tried adding some new changes and ran into some hassles.  When attempting to work on the program, I hit F5 to run it and when I click an option it crashes with "Could not find file 'D:\Dropbox\Projects\WallRotate\WallServer\bin\Release\WallServer.vshost.exe.config'.". 

My program is a wallpaper rotation app.  Normally it pulls from a folder of images but awhile back I gave it the ability to pull a random image from a website.  That worked fine before.  Now, however, when I get the file exception the code is breaking on the GetElementsByTagName part:

target = "(url to XML file)";
XmlDocument CountXML = new XmlDocument(); CountXML.Load(target);
XmlNodeList Countpc = CountXML.GetElementsByTagName("posts")

If I run the program by holding CTRL and hitting F5, it works fine.  I found a "WallServer.vshost.exe.config" from an old backup I made of my projects folder.  Copied that in, still crashes.  I noticed when I fire up my "test" project, if I delete Test.vshost.exe.config then run the project, that file is automatically generated.  It does not, however, automatically generate for WallServer.  I tried disabling hosting process, but then it just fails the same but with file "WallServer.exe.config".

Any ideas?

PS, I tried editing out all changes I made but to no avail.  I tried going to Dropbox and rolling the WallServer.cs back to the oldest version, long before I made the change and I still get the same problem.  *sigh*

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