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C# program to write Excel Sheet

Apr 19 2013 12:11 PM
Hello To All,
I am a student and i have to solve one C# project.
the Program should receive the data from the console window and sholuld  write the data in to an Excel Sheet
the Data may be some thing like that Length1,Length2,........up to 9 variables.
All variables are double data type.
I am very new to C#
how can we save the data from console window for later use??
ie when we are running the program, it should ask us to enter the Dimensions through console window and then itshould be saved for later use.
How to make a method which have mutiple return value..
Can any one provide me these simple steps...?? 

could you please tell me how to use  Tuple in C#
 for more details:
 Console.WriteLine("Enter first length of stepped rectangle, Length1             ");
            string Length1 = Console.ReadLine();
            L1 = Convert.ToDouble(Length1); 
            Console.WriteLine("Enter second length of stepped rectangle, Length2            ");
            string Length2 = Console.ReadLine();
            L2 = Convert.ToDouble(Length2);
            Console.WriteLine("Enter third length of stepped rectangle, Length3             ");
            string Length3 = Console.ReadLine();
            L3 = Convert.ToDouble(Length3);
            Console.WriteLine("Enter first Width of Stepped Rectangle, Width1               ");
            string Width1 = Console.ReadLine();
            W1 = Convert.ToDouble(Width1);
            Console.WriteLine("Enter second Width of Stepped Rectangle, Width2              ");
            string Width2 = Console.ReadLine();
            W2 = Convert.ToDouble(Width2);
            Console.WriteLine("Enter third Width of Stepped Rectangle, Width3               ");
            string Width3 = Console.ReadLine();
            W3 = Convert.ToDouble(Width3);
            Console.WriteLine("Enter the thickness of stepped Rectangle, Thickness          ");
            string Thickness = Console.ReadLine();
            T = Convert.ToDouble(Thickness);
            Console.WriteLine("Enter hole diameter, Diameter                                ");
            string Diameter = Console.ReadLine();
            D = Convert.ToDouble(Diameter);
            Console.WriteLine("Enter distance to the centerpoint of the hole from the edge  ");
            string HoleCenterPoint = Console.ReadLine();
            HCP = Convert.ToDouble(HoleCenterPoint);