C#, WPF and MVVM ... How to load an XML file into a dataset

May 24 2013 5:34 PM

I recently started to code my own small applications with Visual Basic and switched over to C# a few days ago. I also try to use WPF and the MVVM pattern but coding in general is something new for me. I think I understood the way MVVM is supposed to work and I did a few tutorials but now I got stucked creating a small address book. Normally I would use the "Trial and Error" method facing a problem but it's not working here.

My goal is to load a small XML file with 3 entries into a dataset and display everything. An "Add new entry" / "Change entry" / "Delete entry" method would be cool but not mandatory. If someone could have a look into this file and provide me a solution I could study how this is working :)

Thanks in advance

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