Can someone help me Query this

Jun 29 2020 3:48 PM

I have 3 columns(with data types are STRING(varchar)) in a table by name bondId,bondName and BondXMLinfo

below is the sample of one of the BondXMLinfo columns

<PS1:ComapnyInfo xmlns:PS1=""><PS1:AccountBillingNumber xmlns:xsi="" xsi:nil="true"/>
<PS1:AgencyAddress1>PO Box 19150</PS1:AgencyAddress1>
<PS1:AgencyAddress2>1333 S Rustle Rd.</PS1:AgencyAddress2>
<PS1:AgencyCompany>Cochrane and Company</PS1:AgencyCompany>

I want the output as bondId, bondName and ExpDate from the BondXMLinfo columns

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Answers (1)