Change Background color of Listview(i mean GridView).

Dec 27 2007 5:31 AM


I have a listview, it is a container of GridView, the listview contains a property called ,- Background. we change the background color of the listview using this.

but, when i use list View with an GridView. i not able to change the background color.

also , GridView not having any property like background. Actually i have to change the background color of GridView .

Here code:


<ListView Backgrund="Yellow">
  <GridView ColumnHeaderToolTip="Patients List" >
    <GridViewColumn Header="Patient ID" Width="250"/>
                                <GridViewColumn Header="Patient Name"  Width="300"/>
                                <GridViewColumn Header="Date of Birth" 
                                <GridViewColumn Header="Sex"  Width="100"/>
                                <GridViewColumn Header="Comments"  Width="330"/>



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