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Cheated And given Termination Letter without Notice,

Feb 19 2015 11:38 AM
Dear Sir,

This is Pavan Kumar S N,

I Joined Ampolt Electronics India pvt ltd for internship in my 3rd Sem,

Seeing my hardwork In jan 20th 2014 after my 3rd sem exam ,
Company said will you join our company as Hardware Engineer ,they said work for 3-month we will give you transport alliance of 3,000 per month, i thought i get experience so i did, But still November they gave max of 5,000 rs per-month as Transport Alliance, Hand cash " Not even gave Offer-Letter"

Then in November i said i needed experience Letter i am leaving Job , Then They said " No we are thinking of giving you Post of R & D Executive Engineer , then they make bank account for me,
+ Visiting card + ID Card but did not give offer Letter, I asked they said not Necessary, Then after some time they gave Offer-letter As R & D executive Engineer,

I felt Very happy the Package was 2L P.A .. Then there was a girl who Unknowing Login my PC opening My E-mail and sending Quotation and other company Clint to some unknowns .

I did not come to Notice she use to delete the MSG,

On 16/jan/2015 , i took leave and was in Hyderabad with my dad, In that time the Girl " Co-worker - who was always Fighting on me" showed the letters to our director , Those which she had login my computer and send ,

The Director Got angry and without my Notice , He send a Termination Letter to me on jan/20th 2015.

Then i went and asked he was not ready to Hear me..

I simply walked out of office.

Now i Got Job in IBM Final HR-Round , They asking  experience Letter , When i asked experience Letter to Ampolt Electronics India pvt Ltd, They are telling we have given You Termination Letter,

Now we cannot Give you experience Letter. I worked from 20/jan/2014 to Jan/2015

Plz Plz help me,

Thanks & Regards
Pavan Kumar S N

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