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Combobox enable problem

Aug 14 2017 2:36 AM
I have two combobox. Both of two style is DropDownList. On form load 2nd will disable. When I shall select "‡mbv evwnbx (bb KwgkÛ)" from 1st combobox then 2nd will enable. Here is my code. Please help me. 
private void ArmyPension_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
lblAPCoreRegimenterNam.Enabled = false;
comboBoxAPCoreRegimenterNam.Enabled = false;
if (comboBoxAPBahinirNam.Text.ToString() == "‡mbv evwnbx (bb KwgkÛ)")
comboBoxAPCoreRegimenterNam.Enabled = true;

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