Committing changes from bounded Windows Form controls

Jul 12 2004 8:33 AM
Hi, I have created a Windows form with a set of text controls that are bound to the columns of a dataset, which in turn is poplated from an Access database. There are three buttons on the bottom of the form - [Previous], [Next] and [Update]. Predictably, the first two update the binding context of the form, moving it forward one record ot back one record respectively. The [Update] button writes any field updates back to the database file (created using Access). This all works okay, but I have found that any changes I make to a record using the form does not apprear to be "committed" to the dataset until I either skip forward a record or skip back a record. Is there a way of committing the data from the form to the Dataset without navigating to the next or previous row? Phil Rothwell

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