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Converting pseudocode to C#

Mar 26 2020 1:43 AM
Does anyone know how to translate the pseudocode below into proper C# code. It is for a forms application where the program outputs all prime numbers between two integer values that are inputed into text boxes. Thanks in advance .
Clear list box
Initialise num1 and num2
Initialise noPrimes
Validate num1 and num2 as integers (exit if invalid)
If (num1 > num2)
End if
For i = num1 to num2
Initialise count
For j = 2 to (square root of i)
If j is a factor i
Break out of inner for loop
End if
Next j
If count = 0
Increment noPrimes
Output i as a prime number
End if
Next I
Output the number of primes to the status bar
The forms application looks like this

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