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Creating 3D models and embedding into the windows foms c#

Feb 27 2013 1:11 AM

Hi all...

I have got a windows application project (c# language). The requirements of the project are as follows,

* I have to represent the machine structures (may be a 3D structure) in the application.

* I have to represent the working status of the machine (may be animating the 3D structure).

For Example:

The air filter machine will be connected to the application. The application should show the structure of air filter machine with the working status to the end user.

As per my knowledge I have a brief idea that this can be achieved by the following tools (But I am not sure).

  • Autodesk Maya / Studio Max Design – To design the 3D structure (model) of machine with animation (to show the working status).
  • Deep Expression – To convert the 3D models to .X format.
  • TrueVision3D Engine / Axiom3D Engine – API.
  • DirectX – API
  • Finally embed the 3D structure into the windows forms application.

I am not confident that my above said approach is correct.

So please provide me the way to develop this project along with the tools / SDK's required.

NOTE: It is not a game application.


Please reply to this post as soon as possible. I am running out of time.

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