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Creation of PowerApps

Jul 18 2019 2:20 AM
Hi Team,
I am very new to PowerApps. Could you please help me out step by step with below requirement.

User Submits Request >> Notification to Infra team && Send for Approval to Application Owners >> Send for Approval to Infra Manager >> Send mail to Central IT

Request Form details :

Requested By :

Request Type : Server Access/Disk Space Increase/CPU Increase/Memory Increase

Application :

Application Owner :

Server Name :

IP Address :

Access Details : Read\Write\Full\Not Applicable

Business Justification : Multiline Textbox

Once the user created the request the mail has Infra team and Application owner .

If the Application owner approved and Infra team approved the mail trigger to Central IT.

Then the ticket has to closed.


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