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CRUD Operation in MVC5 code first

Nov 12 2017 4:45 AM
Hello guys, I faced a great problem. I can't do crud operation in code first approch. It's to emergency to do it.
I want to show Index;
 Visitor ID Timein Date Photo
 01 10:30 am 12-Nov-2017 here will be Photo
 02 10:33 am 12-Nov-2017 here will be Photo
In Edit;
 ID 01
 Timein 10:33 am
 Date 12-Nov-2017
 Name -------------------
 TimeOut -------------------
 Company Name ----------------
 Purpose to Visit ----------------
The ------ field can edit bu the avobe fild will be disabled.
 Can any one help please ? I can't do that.
Thanks in Advance
See my attach .rar   file. I tried hard but not succed. 

Attachment: FTSHRIS_Visitor.rar

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