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dependency registeration in NopCommerce 4.20

Nov 2 2019 12:38 AM
ArgumentException: The type 'Nop.Plugin.SecurityDeposit.SecurityAmt.Factories.ShoppingCartSecurityFactory' is not assignable to service 'Nop.Plugin.SecurityDeposit.SecurityAmt.Factories.IShoppingCartSecurityFactory'.
Dependency registering:
public virtual void Register(ContainerBuilder builder, ITypeFinder typeFinder, NopConfig config)
{ builder.RegisterType<ShoppingCartSecurityFactory>().As<IShoppingCartSecurityFactory>().
public int Order => 11;
Does anyone have idea of overriding the shoppingcartModelfactory in nopCommerce 4.20 as I am overriding the
shopping cart item in NopCommerce. Can I override shoppingcartModelfactory or not in NopCommerce 4.20?

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