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deployment website vs web project to a hosting service

Apr 8 2020 3:30 AM


when I used to create a website using visual studio 2013, It was very easy to deploy my website code to the host and view the site, any changes I make to any website page, I use ftp to upload the new code . simple.

Now, I am creating a website using web project in visual studio 2017. To deploy I use VS Web Deploy provided by the hosting provider and download the export profile, so I can deploy a compile web project as a whole.
Any changes I make for any page, I have to run the downloaded file again to deploy  the changes. I am not sure if this is the way to do, but it works for me. 
The issue is that I do not need to deploy all web applicaiton code, all what I need is to deploy the changes.
Can you guide me please to show me the correct way to deploy  the new changes.
Here what I think should be:
1. Make first time deployment
2. deploy only the changes ..( how to do that )

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