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Develop & build .NET Core ConsoleApp Container

Oct 20 2020 8:29 PM
I had a laptop in Window 10 Home version, and installed all .NET Visual Studio & SDK related.
I did successfully developed & compiled my simple .NET Core WebApp in local laptop.
Next, I want to build container for my WebApp in my local laptop, can confirm below of my findings.
I need to install
1. Docker for desktop Window Home
What else?

As I know, if docker software successfully installed, i will able to use .NET Docker Support, such as build
DockerFile, build image, and package container in my Visual Studio, and test run my container.
Assume that i did my WebApp Container, may I know where my container package file located? Is it default to local docker\ drive installed?
I new to docker, can kindly advice on this
Thanks All

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