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dispaly image from remote server on the page ASP.Net MVC

Sep 15 2018 5:13 AM

I want to display the photo through the Path which is saved on the database Like this \\\C$\\t\q\\bb\images\UrunImages\a1\14-09-18-_04-17-00.jpg . I have mothod to convert the path

 public FileContentResult ImagePath(string path) { string str1 = "C:/"; string str2 = "//$//"; string result = path.Replace(str2, str1); byte[] imageArray = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(result); return new FileContentResult(imageArray, "image/png"); }

I get it from Stackoverflow and on the View like this

 @foreach (var item in Model.ProductPhotoPathList) { <li data-thumb="@Url.Action("ImagePath","Home",new { path = item})"> <div class="thumb-image"> <img src="@Url.Action("ImagePath","Home",new { path = item})" data-imagezoom="true" class="img-responsive" alt=""> </div> </li> }

but here is a problem when page load ImagePath method work successfully but on the page i still get the Path like which is saved on the database \\\C$\\t\q\\bb\images\UrunImages\a1\14-09-18-_04-17-00.jpg, so i can not get changed path on the page.I want to get path like this :C:\t\q\\bb\images\UrunImages\a1\14-09-18-_04-17-00.jpg what the problem might be?

i have this path /Home/ImagePath?path=%2F%2F94.19.247.273%2FC%24%2F%2FBaburtechAnakartImage%2FACER_murtaza%20test1%2F1_ACER_murtaza%20test1_12-09-18-_11-20-02.jpg.

so i want to convert it to /Home/ImagePath?path=C%3A%2FBaburtechAnakartImage%2FACER_murtaza%20test1%2F1_ACER_murtaza%20test1_12-09-18-_11-20-02.jpg.

the method convert it correctly but i can not get it on the page.

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