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Facing different problems with WCF service

Oct 23 2019 12:39 AM
Hi All,
I am facing different problems with WCF service. 3 years back it was created using VS2015 with .Net framework 4.0 and deployed into 2008 server, but our team is doing migration to new servers, So we  have downloaded the project from the repository and followed the below steps for publishing the wcf code.
1. Right click on Project
2. Select Publish
3. Publish method is FileSystem.
4. Target location(C:\ Service)
5 . Click on Publish.
After the above steps done, we zip the published code and placed in the repository, Pase team installed that wcf published folder(zip format) in the Test server(2019 sever). After they have done installation, we are checking with WCF test client. It is giving errors
1st error is
: When 'system.serviceModel/serviceHostingEnvironment/multipleSiteBindingsEnabled' is set to true in configuration, the endpoints are required to specify a relative address. If you are specifying a relative listen URI on the endpoint, then the address can be absolute. To fix this problem, specify a relative uri for endpoint site
2nd error is different 
I have tried all possible ways which are suggested in Google for this issue
like multipleSiteBindingsEnabled="false"
aspNetCompatibilityEnabled ="true" but nothing was given answer for my problem.
We have taken the old wcf code which is published on 3 years back and we deployed same in the new 2019 server and it is working.But that is not answer for our problem because if tomorrow any change is requiredin wcf we need to do it in the service and we should  publish the code and deploy which might fail again. 
So my dear friends please give your ideas which would be very helpful to our team.

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