Get data from SharePoint List into SQL server 2012

Sep 29 2022 3:24 PM

I have 2012 SQL server and not in position to upgrade. I need to import data from SharePoint List into this database. Here is what I have done so far:

1. Installed VS2019 and developed SSIS package, which uses OData component in SSIS. However, I cannot save this package into MSDB of SQL 2012 but only save in file system. I could not schedule it to run as a job in SQL Server 2012. I tried to run from command line using VS2019 command line utility DTExec.exe but no scuccess.

2. I attempted to follow the following series of article but cannot find json reference. Also, not sure if it is available in SQL server 2012 as I think the article written by Arvind Kushwaha in the link below is for SQL server 2017.

So, I cannot fully developed custom modules required to get the data.

I am stuck! Any help you can provide will be highlly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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