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GetValue from String textBox

Feb 2 2020 8:06 PM
Hello all friends,
I am newbee here right now, i'm trying to solve my problem code but it's doesn't clear.
I want to get value from my string textBox.Text. initial textBox is hmI7Segment1.Text. it's has string Format as "Channel1.DV1.DB1.Level1". i wish to convert double value from this string into textBoxTarget.Text.
so, here is code problem:
hmI7Segment1.Text = "Channel1.DV1.DB1.Level1";
TextBox txtBoxTarget = converted.Format [hmI7Segment1.Text] as TextBox; 
if all of you have solution, please help me to solve my case. thanks for all of you are.

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Answers (2)