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Grouping in data table & getting response

Sep 21 2021 1:05 AM


I was testing the data but when the part number is only one  & details are 1 then I am getting the correct response

.But if there are two-part numbers  & each part number has 4 or 5 details then I am getting the last part number repeatedly.

This is a little urgent please reply, I know I am posting again & already asked in the original thread. but in case that will be missed as i had already accepted that answer mistakenly.

Thank you!

please look into the example below :

product Table :

 ID  Product ProductDesc

3     1Z         Implementation


Part Table 

ID  Product PartNumber      PartNumberDesc

3    1Z         1Z-X0003G      Worker management

4    1Z         1Z-X0004D      eTIME Implementation 


Detail Table 


ID  Product     PartNumber           Item                                     ItemDesc

3     1Z           1Z-X0003G           1Z-X0003G- Party               3rd Party 

4     1Z            1Z-X0003G           1Z-X0003G-Absence           Absence Management 

5     1Z            1Z-X0003G           1Z-X0003G-Compliance     Compliance 

6    1Z            1Z-X0003G            1Z-X0003G-Hourly              Hourly 

7    1Z            1Z-X0004D            1Z-X0004D-Accruals          Accruals 

8    1Z            1Z-X0004D            1Z-X0004D-Activities          Activities 

9    1Z            1Z-X0004D           1Z-X0004D-Additional        Additional 



But I am not getting data in response like 








detail: all these details of 1Z-X0003G from the detail table






detail: all these details of 1Z-X0004D from the detail table


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