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Hide Hyperlink Description in sharepoint 2013.

Nov 18 2014 6:39 AM

Hi i am adding a hyperlink column in custom list in sharepoint 2013. My requirement is to hide that description textbox..i tried a lot but all solutions available in the internet are using sharepoint 2010..In 2010 its working fine but same approach and same code is not working in sharepoint 2013.
  Upto now i have tried the following approach but failed to resolve that..
   1.By using Sharepoint designer i have added some css to  (NewForm.aspx) but the textbox is not hiding but the  Description Span is hiding.
   2.By using Sharepoint designer i have added some jquery to (NewForm.aspx) but nither the Description span nor the textbox is not hiding.
  3. I have tried to sort it out by using content editor webpart but still ubable to resolve it ..
Please anybody have any idea please provide me solution for above..Waiting for help
Cibun swain

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