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How do I find Byte patterns in a byte array,reprsent it checkedlistbox

Feb 7 2023 5:33 AM

How do I find Byte patterns in a byte array, and represent them if it's available in checkedlistbox in C#?

I am trying to make software to search for byte patterns, I have many bin files and many patterns to search. If the pattern exists on the file. it will represent it on CheckedListBox with a specific name . and if the checked box is unchecked for a particular one , it will replace the pattern with 0000000000 on the saved file. For example, I have this pattern to search (note that I have more than 100 patterns to search): {"2004940101000078", "3004940101000078", "3E04940101000028", .... ,.... }

  • Open the bin file by OpenFileDialog
  • Covert the file to byteArray
  • Search for the patterns
  • put the result on checkedlist Box (2004940101000078 = P0420) (3004940101000078 = P0430) (3E04940101000028 =P043E),note P0420 is the name that i want to put on the checkedbox:
    DTC Description
    Checkedbox P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank1
    Checkedbox P0430 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank2
    Checkedbox P043E EvaporativeEmissionSystemLeakDetectionReferenceOrificeLowFlow
  • If I want to delete the code P0420 , uncheckedbox P0420 replace 2004940101000078 with 0000000000000000 and save it to a new bin file

I tried with this code to search for the patterns, but its give the offset position of the pattern only. please this code-only example and part of my codes. if you have a solution or other code or way. please help, I am new in C#

string hex2 = BitConverter.ToString(byteArray).Replace("-", string.Empty);
string[] patterns = {"2004940101000078", "3004940101000078", "3E04940101000028" };

foreach (string p in patterns)
    int i = 0;
    int indice = 0;

    // teminate loop when no more occurrence is found;
    while (indice != -1)
        // index if the pattern is found AFTER i position, -1 if not
        indice = hex2.IndexOf(p, i);

        i = indice + 0; // skip the pattern occurrence itself
        int indexxx = (i / 2);
        //Transform the index into hexadecimal
        string outputHex = int.Parse(indexxx.ToString()).ToString("X");

        //Output the index as an hexadecimal offset address
        MessageBox.Show("0x" + outputHex);


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