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How to add controls(Textbox,radiobutton,ckehekedbox list) Dynamically to groupbox.

Oct 31 2012 6:55 AM
Hello all.

Can anyone plz help me.

My scenerio is:

Database : 1-> textbox
                 2-> radiobutton
                 3-> checkbox
                 4-> label

I have many controls(textbox,radiobutton,checkbox,checkedboxlixt,label & etx) depends on the classification of Logins

for Example:

label name with controls
classfic1 -> have  5 textbox and 2 radio button and one checkbox
classfic2 -> have  2 textbox and 5 radio button and one checkedlist

NOTE: Thing is controls may get increase, like 40 textbox, 9 checkbox or anything.
I want to add this controls to groupbox or panel with Scrolling.

How add this controls at runtime depends on the classification.

Can anyone please help me.

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