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How to add "Username" under logo after login.

Sep 6 2014 11:55 PM

I’m trying to add a “Username” under the image logo of my webpage after User login.

I want to add Session variable here to capture the username and after that want to call the “Session” value in the html code under the logo of my webpage.

My C# file code (Main.cs) file name

: [ModuleMethodAttribute(Require_Post = true)]

public string Auth(string Username, string Password, string CompanyRpt)


AuthenticationRequest Login = new AuthenticationRequest();

Login.Username = Username;

Login.Password = Password;


AuthenticationResult Result = Login.Execute();

if (Result.Authenticated)



Instance.Session.Add("CompanyRpt", CompanyRpt);


return "";




return "login failure - " + Result.Message;



My Navigation HTML file code:

<nav class="sidenav left hidden-print" role="navigation">

<ul class="menu">

<li class="user">

<div class="content">

<img src="/assets/images/logo.png" width="254" height="141" alt=" logo" />


The username should appear under the image that has been called here.

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