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How to display a word file stored in sql server 20 database.

Jul 15 2013 5:48 AM
Hello Friends.
                   I'm currently working on a project where I need to stored my docx file inside sql server 2008 database under a varbinary(max) column.My Requirement is that i should be able to read a particular docx file and display the content of the file on the webpage. The scenario is quite similar with that of C-sharp corner. When you all authors login and when you go to your my account you get a list of all articles uploaded by you. Whenever you click any of the article you get a detailed description of your article on the webpage. The same thing i need to do where my column will be having all the documents stored inside a column and on click of a link that particular docx file needs to be displayed on the webpage.

Kindly reply asap its urgent.

Thank you.
Vishal Gilblie

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