How to display files in list view?

Feb 23 2009 11:19 AM


     I have just started to learn in .net. I want to show a list of filename along with the corresponding image (like pdf image for pdf files etc..). i will be getting the list of files from database. I want to show the files in list view format and also give the option for the user to change the view to details or thumbnail or icons accordingly.. also to give the option for renaming or deleting a file. I know that there is a Listview control in .net 3.5 that can be used in .net 2.0 but i am not allowed to do so. i want it to be done only using .net 2.0 that's my client requirement.

      Can i use any of the Data control in .net 2.0 like Dataview control or Repeater control or Detailsview control etc.. If so can you suggest a method on how to do it? If there are options to use other control other than this can you suggest it also. Please it is very urgent.

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