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How to filter ";" separted columns values from the combobox multi sele

Sep 27 2021 1:53 PM

I have a requirement to filter the ";" separated values like Item1;Item2;Item3;Item4 from the SP list column, based on the Combobox multiple selection the data should filter.

            cmbFilterCou.Selected.Result = Blank() || Country = cmbFilterCou.Selected.Result,
            cmbFilterFun.Selected.Result = Blank() || Function = cmbFilterFun.Selected.Result,
            CountRows(colLangFilter) = 0 || Languages in cmbFilterLanguages.SelectedItems,
            cmbFilterTZ.Selected.Title = Blank() || TimeZone = cmbFilterTZ.Selected.Title


I have used the above formula to filter but it retrieves only the single value in that column, it's not retrieving the items which has multiple values in the same column