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How to get multi selection look up value in Power BI table report?

Mar 4 2022 1:27 PM

Hi. I am new in Power BI and working on creating a simple report. I have 2 list - 1. Country and 2 Test which contains invoice amount. Country is multiselect look up in Test list.

I need to create report which will have a slicer dropdown of countries and below that will bind test list. I need to show the countries in Test list table visual but I am not able to get its values using LOOKUPVALUE function. It is showing blank. below is what I tried:

    Country = LOOKUPVALUE('Country'[Title],'Country'[ID],'Test'[CountryId])

I believe this is not working as the field is multiselect look up and CountryId is returning list of values. Can someone tell me how can I loop through that and populate the country value in the table visual?