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How to push my local system log files daily to webserver using .NET

Feb 4 2021 9:11 AM
Hi Everyone,
New To Web Applications
My requirement is like i am developing a remote diagnosis tool it has to report the errors to severs which it will work as below
1. webserver is located in delhi for suppose
2. Client system is located in hyderabad for suppose
3. In client system we want to install our application and webservice app
4. Application errors will be logged in a file
5. Webservice App needs to push log file data automatically to webserver using internet daily
6. Whenever it pushed a log file to server in our webserver needs to get notification
7. Here team will look into log files based on notification

Please Suggest me some best ideas to implement webservice app design using .NET
Which webservices will push the data automatically?
What are the best ways to achieve the target?

Thanks in Advance sorry for if my english was bad

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