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How to store and retrieve quiz questionnaire to and from backend/db?

Jan 18 2022 5:46 AM

I have couple of slides/cards where user will select answer (like Quiz). Now, I want to send this questionnaire to a folder in webpage and also to the backend/Database.

The Quiz basically contains 3 cards/slides. First card/slide contains Quiz Title. Second card/slide contains 1 question, 4 choices including 1 corrrect answer. Question should be in Bold/Italic/Underline or any manner. Question can include image/gif as well to make he question more engaged. 3rd card/slide contains Reference link / YouTube link for reference purpose. At last, there is a "Preview" window and "Publish". Now once I publish, it should save to a folder in webpage and also to the backend/database.

How I can achieve this? Any idea/solution?