how to write text over rectangles

Apr 3 2005 7:42 PM
Hi all I have a loop that draws rectangles and I want to draw text only on the first box in the loop. How can I do this, here is my code. It draws the text in each box but I only want it to be in the first box, please help! thanks [code] For x = ((SZL1val+12) mod 24) To ((SZL2val+12) mod 24) : szlboxes1(x) = New Rectangle(20+((35*(X+1))), 55, 35, 25) g.DrawString(SZLWXTXT1, New Font("Veranda",7,FontStyle.BOLD),Brushes.Black,new RectangleF(20+((35*(X+1))), 55, 35, 25)) Next x [/code]

Answers (2)