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I want to date Column in gridview as it format in excel

Jul 6 2021 5:50 AM
TARAKNATH PRAMANIK 01/01/1975 WB/CAL/0033668/2686
SK. KHURSID 12/03/1989 WB/CAL/0033668/2685
ALI MOHAMMAD 06/01/1986 WB/CAL/0033668/2688
GANESH MONDAL 01/01/1989 WB/CAL/0033668/2687
BHARAT MITRA 30/12/1982 WB/CAL/0033668/2689
HARADHAN CHAR 01/01/1979 WB/CAL/0033668/2690
JITEN BAIDYAKAR 28/01/1982 WB/CAL/0033668/2693
MANIK BERA 01/01/1980 WB/CAL/0033668/2691
PRATIK MONDAL 18/02/1988 WB/CAL/0033668/2694
BIPRADAS CHATTERJEE 01/01/1971 WB/CAL/0033668/2697
SWAPAN MONDAL 01/01/1979 WB/CAL/0033668/2698
SUKUMAR PAL 01/01/1987 WB/CAL/0033668/2699
SHAMAD SHA 01/01/1971 WB/CAL/0033668/2704
BIPLAB CHAKROBORTY 14/02/1990 WB/CAL/0033668/2692
ASHIM BAIDYAKAR 01/01/1986 WB/CAL/0033668/2695
SOUMEN BHANDARY 01/01/1989 WB/CAL/0033668/2696
SAHADEB MONDAL 01/01/1990 WB/CAL/0033668/2700
BIDESHI RUIDAS 21/06/1974 WB/CAL/0033668/2701
BISWAJIT MITRA 01/01/1992 WB/CAL/0033668/2703
DEBJIT MALAKAR 01/01/1991 WB/CAL/0033668/2705
DHARMARAJ DAS 01/01/1988 WB/CAL/0033668/2706
BAIDYANATH MONDAL 01/01/1981 WB/CAL/0033668/2707

Actually this is my excel sheet in which date format is dd/MM/yyyy.

but when i upload this and bind it to gridview then date format is being changed MM/dd/yyyy .

and this is creating problem,

I want to bind gridview as it is in excel sheet date format, kindly help me

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