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@IND_RLS1.U_VendCode' is invalid in the select list

Dec 17 2021 7:01 AM


  Error - Column '@IND_RLS1.U_VendCode' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.

I have given Group by clause

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[test] 
    @frDate date,
    @toDate date,
    @VCode nvarchar(15) = null,
    @VName nvarchar(100) = null,
    @CCode nvarchar(15) = null,
    @CName nvarchar(100) = null,
    @CGroup nvarchar(15) = null
    DECLARE @sSQL NVARCHAR(2000), @Where NVARCHAR(1000) = ''
    SET @sSQL = 
    T1.U_VendCode as "Vendor Code",T1.U_CabNo,T1.U_VendName as "Vendor Name",
    T1.U_CustCode as "Cust Code",T1.U_CustName as "Cust Name",T1.U_ItemCode,Max(T1.U_ItemName),
    Max(T4.Docnum) as "A/P Doc No",Max(T4.DocDate) as "A/P Doc Date",
    (Select sum(Quantity) from PCH1 T where T.Docentry = T1.U_APDE and T.ItemCode = T1.U_ItemCode and T.U_BPCode = T1.U_CustCode) as "A/P Qty"
    FROM [@IND_ORLS] T0                        
    inner join [@IND_RLS1] T1 on T0.Docentry = T1.DocEntry
    Left Join OPCH T4 on T4.DocEntry = T1.U_APDE
    Left join Ocrd T5 on t5.CardCode in (t1.U_VendCode,t1.U_CustCode) and T0.U_Date between @_frDate and @_toDate '
    IF @vCode is not null
    SET @Where = @Where + 'AND T1.U_VendCode = @_VCode '
    IF @vName is not null
    SET @Where = @Where + 'AND T1.U_VendName = @_VName '
    IF @CCode is not null
    SET @Where = @Where + 'AND T1.U_CustCode = @_CCode '
    IF @CName is not null
    SET @Where = @Where + 'AND T1.U_CustName = @_CName '
    --IF @CGroup is not null
    --SET @Where = @Where + 'AND T5.U_CustGrp = @C_Group '
    IF LEN(@Where) > 0
    SET @sSQL = @sSQL + 'WHERE ' + RIGHT(@Where, LEN(@Where)-3) +
    N' group by T1.U_VendCode,T1.U_CabNo,T1.U_VendName,T1.U_Custcode,T1.U_Custname,T1.U_APDE,T1.U_ARDE,T1.U_ItemCode order by T1.U_VendName,T1.U_CustName'

    print @sSql
    EXEC sp_executesql @sSQL,
    N'@_frDate date,@_toDate date,@_VCode nvarchar(15),@_VName nvarchar(100), @_CCode nvarchar(15),@_CName nvarchar(100),@_CGroup nvarchar(15) ',
    @_frDate = @frDate,@_todate=@toDate,@_VCode = @VCode, @_VName = @VName, @_CCode = @CCode, @_CName = @CName,@_CGroup = @CGroup



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