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Infopath 2013 with SharePoint O356 - REST Service as RECEIVE

Jun 27 2018 7:01 AM

We are using InfoPath 2013 published on SharePoint 0365 site.

In this InfoPath, we have added SharePoint REST endpoint for getting the current user.

End Point added: https:\\site-address\sites\SiteName\_api\web\currentuser.

We are loading this data connection to receive the current user details while the form is opening.

We are not facing any problem in Windows 7 machine. We are not asking for any credentials when the Infopath is opening.

But in some Windows 10 machine, we are getting the screen posted above. Even after entering current credentials number of times, we are not getting current user information with this REST endpoint.

We are getting the below error:

Can you please help me in this regard?

Why is InfoPath asking for credentials again and again in only some PCs?

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