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Issue regarding running WCF server and client

Dec 14 2012 4:04 AM

i am very new in WCF and still learning the sugar of WCF. i never develop any WCF apps for production environment. for a long time i was searching a good article with source code for Screen sharing apps and at last i found it with sample code.

Mr bob cravens develop a small application for screen sharing between two pc which is fully WCF saved apps. i go through their code and understand few things and still few things i mean few flow is not clear to me. i need to run this apps at my end just to clear the whole thing like how server & client communicate and send screen shot in each other.

when i tried to run this wcf server from the sample code then i found it is running but the problem lies at wcf client end. when i try to run wcf client end then i am getting error.

the error is : - HTTP could not register URL [http://mypcip:myport/Rlc/Viewer/][1]. Your process does not have access rights to this namespace (see).

this error occur when this line execute at wcf client side and lines are

 Uri baseAddress = new Uri("http://mypcip:myport/Rlc/Viewer");
 _viewerService = new ServiceHost(typeof(ViewerService), baseAddress);

when service host try to open and this line execute then error occur.


i try to change the port also from 1003 to 8080 but got same error. i post the problem in that site from where i got this code but got no answer and also found lot other people also post the same kind of problem and got no answer.

so here is the source code link

from where any one can download the source code and try to run this apps at their end and can tell me what is wrong in this code which causes error when i try to run this sample code wcf client in my pc. i tried lot to understand why client is giving error but could not understand.

so it my request that please anyone download the source code and just run the server first and then run the client editing ip address in code and definitely encounter error. tell me what i need to change in this code as a result i can run this apps perfectly in my pc. to go through the source code with debug mode is very important job for me but i am not being able to run this apps at all. so please help me becoz i am in problem. thanks