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Latest C# build of COM object crashes C++ application

Oct 24 2011 11:36 AM

Hello everybody,

I've got some general problem while calling of interfaces of COM object written under .NET (C#) from my C++ application.   I'm using Visual Studio 2005.   Anytime I'm calling functions from these COM object my C++ application crashes with some "…run-time error…".  But it happens only on machines, where Visual Studio has not been installed, which of course are client machines.  On any machine with Visual Studio installed – no problem.   And another thing - this COM object (dll), which was built 1-1.5 years ago is working fine on all machines including machines without Visual Studio

I don't do changes in this COM objects often, so I cannot tell exactly when it started to happen roughly as I mentioned before 1-1.5 year ago. 

So I figure something's been changed during the build process, because if the COM dll was built 1.5 years ago it works fine.  But if I build exactly same dll with exactly same code without any smallest changes now, this dll will crash my C++ application.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions/advices.


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