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Loop inside loop C#

Aug 3 2017 3:03 PM
Hi i am having a problem writing C# code for my Web application.
I have an MS SQL Table named "Table_xyz" with two columns "User_id" & "Refrence_ID"
 User_id Reference_id
 1 0
 2 1
 4 3
 5 4
I just only want to retrieve all "User_id" based on it's "Refrence_ID" in a loop
My Command: Select User_id from Table_xyz where Reference_ID = '0' (This is only to start the loop)
The loop must start referencing only from the reference_id which i will enter(it may be any reference id from the table)
According to the above command the result will give "1" which is the parent "User_id", for the "Reference_ID" '0'
But the issue comes here, i want to keep this first result to retrieve the next result for second result and then for third and so on.
Means the result(returned value) will become the "Reference_ID" for upcoming query looping each other and this way it will find entire table.
My Code below:
var gCmd = new SqlCommand(@"SELECT User_id FROM Table_xyz WHERE Reference_id = '0'", nCon);
SqlDataAdapter Sda = new SqlDataAdapter(gCmd);
DataTable Dt = new DataTable();
int i = 0;
if (i < Dt.Rows.Count)
while (i < Dt.Rows.Count);
catch (Exception e) { Response.Write(e.Message); }
finally { nCon.Close(); }

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