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Move from windows to web?

Jan 30 2013 2:18 AM
Hi All,
I have been working in sw field for the past 9.5years. My expertise include c#, c++, MFC, COM, ATL, Knowledge of WPF, WCF and others.
I have around 2years experience in c#, but not extensively into UI, but more into developing buisness layer components. When i look out for a change now, I want to check for openings in c# so that u progress your career towards newer technologies and hence more oppurtunities.
But with my limited experience in c#, will i be able to get suitable positions in companies?
In Bangalore what we see is that it is either Healthcare domain or industrial domain companies which are developing application in c# for windows(non web).  In these domain companies, device and domain take precedence over technology since there is no database concept.
So how about a career move towards at this point in my career?  Lear and search. will i get at this point in my career?

In case of c++, earlier they used to develope big products (atleast 30 developers), now c# windows is limited to developing small tools :(. Not more than 5 people.


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