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MySQL Query Problem

Apr 5 2017 2:11 AM
Hi All,
I am stucked in query where I have to pass where condition from a user defined variable in mysql.Please provide solution for that.Please find query below
SET @v_paramcondition='CPF.Drop_Payment_Percentage>=10 and Recoupement_Order_Indicator =''N''';
PREPARE stmt FROM 'select CPF.Non_Custodial_Parent_First_Name + '' '' + CPF.Non_Custodial_Parent_Last_Name as ''ncp'',CPF.Custodial_Parent_First_Name + '' '' + CPF.Custodial_Parent_Last_Name as ''cp'',CD.IV_D_Case_Number as case_number,WD.Worker_Name as assigned_to ,MA.City_Address as office from SB_OLTP.IV_D_Case_Performance_Filter CPF join SB_OLTP.IV_D_Case_Details CD on CPF.IV_D_Case_number = CD.IV_D_Case_Number Left Join SB_OLTP.IV_D_Case_Assignment CA on ca.IV_D_Case_Number = CD.IV_D_Case_Number left join SB_REFERENCE.Worker_Detail WD on WD.Worker_Identification_Number = CA.IV_D_Case_Worker_Number Left JOIN Sb_oltp.iv_d_member_case_cross_reference MCCR on MCCR.IV_D_Case_Number=CD.IV_D_Case_Number Left JOIN SB_OLTP.IV_D_Member_Address MA on MA.Member_Number = MCCR.Member_Number Where + @v_paramcondition ';
EXECUTE stmt ;

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