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Newbie question c#

Jan 18 2022 5:53 PM

Hi Friends,

Unable to figure out the error in this line

The Best Overload Match has some invalid arguements

lParamerterList1.Add(new DataType("@I_USERNO", SqlDbType.Int,44, ParameterDirection.Input));

Here the value 44 is not being accepted even if the any other variable is passed

This is the contructer class code for the same

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Data;namespace Core.HelperClasses.Generic
{[Serializable()]public class DataType{private string _ParameterName;private DbType _DbType;private object _Value;private ParameterDirection _Direction;public string ParameterName{get { return _ParameterName; }set { _ParameterName = value; }}public DbType dbType{get { return _DbType; }set { _DbType = value; }}public object Value{get { return _Value; }set { _Value = value; }}public ParameterDirection Direction{get { return _Direction; }set { _Direction = value; }}public DataType(){}public DataType(string ParameterName, DbType dbType, object Value, ParameterDirection Direction){this.ParameterName = ParameterName;this.dbType = dbType;this.Value = Value;this.Direction = Direction;}}

Help would be appreciated

Thank You

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