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Not able to match string with list of string

Jun 14 2019 12:28 AM
I have one string which getting the value from user inserted value and i have a list of name which is in a list of string type which comes from the database.
now the condition
1= i need to check if the user input value is matched with any value from the list of string and it should be the exact match not part of a name
2=if my databse row contain like " fullstack .net devloper" and my user value is either "fullstack" or ".net" or "devloper" .how can i check this thing.
like if i check for ".net " it will not be exact match with " fullstack .net devloper",but all this "fullstack" and ".net" and "devloper" are there is the database.
how can i do this thing?this is in can do in c# also .please need help
Public Shared Function CheckLastNameInSuspectLastNameLUCache(ByVal sLastname As String) As Boolean
Dim matchKeywordLUCache As FakeLastNameLUCache = TheMatrix.LookupCacheList.GetLUCache(Of FakeLastNameLUCache)()
Dim matchKeywordList As List(Of String) = (matchKeywordLUCache.LookupData.Keys).Cast(Of String)().ToList()

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