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Open the log gile to read while it is in use

Aug 19 2009 4:10 PM

Hi All,
I have implemented log functionality in my application which keeps track of all the user activities from the moment the application starts and till user exits the application. In My Application I create an instance of StreamWriter when the application begins and closing Stream Writer when the application exits.
My questions is when my application is running , I want to be able to go to the log file (\\program files\\MyApplication\\log.txt") and check the log contents. When I try to pen the log file it throws an error "An error occured. The document could not be opened". How can I view the log file and see the contents when the application is running and writing to the log file?
StreamWriter SW; //global variable
 private void StartLogger()
   string fPath = "\\Program Files\\My App\\log.txt;
   SW = File.CreateText(fPath );
  //Write in to log file
   LogEntry("logfile created");

private void LogEntry(string entry)
   SW.WriteLine(entry + "\n");

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