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Owin a Myth or truth?

Sep 26 2020 12:55 AM , this question forced me to think even more about Owin , though i answered the question .
But the statement  "Owin decouples the server and the application" ,is really bullshit , prior to .Net core.
There is nobody who could decouple MVC or Web API from IIS using Owin, yes we can create a class and can inherit it from APIController and treat it as an owin middleware and host it from console Application.
so, at the end of the day self hosting is the only way to decouple IIS and web App (in short IIS and web API/signalR not even MVC), and self hosting is not that suffice like hosting on IIS or any web server.
In short , Owin just helps to create pluggable components like HttpModule and MessageHandler with one extra benifit that your owin middleware can be plugged into multiple frameworks.
prior to .Net Core ,owin decouples the web server and application was a myth, no you can't decouple.
Please put some light on my statement.

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