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Panels or Windows?

Jul 20 2008 1:21 PM

I wrote an application in using Windows forms and want to convert it to WPF. The application consists of a main window with sub-applications that consist of a toolstrip and a panel on to which geometric shapes are drawn. There are quite a lot of these sub-applications and the toolstrip is the only thing that is essentially different between them. The panel is just a drawing pad really. The toolstrip offers navigation between sub-apps as well as an interface to the sub-app itself.

My question is this : would the application be better written as windows that overlay each other and can I make the windows overlay each other exactly?

The main reason that I chose the panels was that it was easy to make them overlay each other exactly. Each sub-application is fairly large in itself. Would it then be better to make each sub-app a project in itself?

Sorry, this is a fairly basic question. May be it is just a question of preference. It is not a question most books tend to broach.

Thanks for any opinions.




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