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Posting form data using jquery ajax with html

Oct 1 2020 1:50 PM
I have a view with 4 element ID Name Location I want to submit this form using jquery. The form id is "divData"
Here is my jquery save function
function SaveChanges()
alert("Do you want to save the changes?")
var token = $('input[name="__RequestVerificationToken"]').val();
var urlCreateDev = $('#urlCreateDev').val()debugger;
url: urlCreateDev, // this contain the url //
type: 'Post',
contentType: 'apllication/html;
divData, token
datatype: 'html',
success: function (result)
error: function (xhr, status, error)
This will not work...
One more thing. My controller will return true when data is successfully posted to the database and false when not, I would like to be able to evaluate the return data from my controller in order to hide or keep the modal form
Thank you! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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